Our group companies include YEE TIEN CHEMICAL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. & ELF FIBER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Have been established for 29 years with wide activities and specialties of the business on specialized FINISHING TREATMENT to various textiles. Moreover, our production in textiles has been long years established and required by our worldwide markets .
YEE TIEN GROUP have been manufacturing textiles and chemicals since 1990, when General Manager Mr. Wu opened one of largest coating mill "Fu Feng Tay" in north of Taiwan. Most recently, his R&D team has successfully develop serial killer applications for inkjet media market. Department of The Media Inkjet Fabrics has committed to continued growth in the areas that best serve our customers' needs.

The YEE TIEN CHEMICAL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. : Textile Plastisol ink & Textile Water Based printing paste For Silk Screen Printing Paste are our main products. We have types of them and would like to show you information in detail and samples. We also produce other textile chemicals and Agents for Dyeing, Printing, Finishing & Coating.

The New department of Inkjet Media Fabric, Products of main sale is Inkjet Media Printable Fabric(Inkjet Cloth)(Inkjet Textile).


YEE TIEN Email : yeetien@ms14.hinet.net


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